Vote in Your General Election

November 8th, 2022

What is on the ballot?

ALL VOTERS will have these races on their ballot : United States Representative, Governor & Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, State Auditor, Attorney General, State Senator, State Representative, and Judicial seats.

SOME VOTERS will also have these races on their ballot : County Officials, City Officers, School Board Members (not for 833 this election year), Township Officers, and Local ballot questions.

Find your polling place and learn more about what will be on your ballot by clicking on the Secretary of State website link below.



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MN General Election Day

Early voting begins September 23rd and ends November 7th. Vote by mail or in person.

I have put a list of some of the candidate races SoWashCo residents will be voting on. Some are not listed, such as City Council candidates. These will all impact the direction of public education (and the stability of non-public) in ISD# 833 and Minnesota.

State Offices

All Candidate offices, names, and websites were found on the Secretary of State website at

District Maps were also obtained off the Secretary of State website at

Governor & Lt Governor

Scott Jensen & Matt Birk (R)

Tim Walz & Peggy Flanagan (DFL)

Secretary of State

Kim Crockett (R)

Steve Simon (DFL)

State Auditor

Ryan Wilson (R)

Julie Blaha (DFL)

Attorney General

Jim Schultz (R)

Keith Ellison (DFL)

Congressional District

Second Congressional District

Tyler Kistner (R)

Angie Craig (DFL)

Fourth Congressional District

May Lor Xiong (R)

Betty McCollum (DFL)

The SWCTC website is a well organized location for viewing recordings of all candidates in South Washington County. Watch Candidate Profiles, Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forums and League of Women Voters Candidate Forums between all the candidates listed below. Link to SWCTC 2022 Election Page HERE.

State Senate Offices

Senate District 41

Tom Dippel (R)

Tony Jurgens (R)

Judy Seeberger (DFL)

Senate District 47

Dwight Dorau (R)

Nicole Mitchell (DFL)

Senate District 53

Chris Rausch (R)

Matt Klein (DFL)

State Representative Offices

MN House District 41A

Mark Wiens (R)

Pat Driscoll (DFL)

MN House District 41B

Shane Hudella (R)

Tina Folch (DFL)

MN House District 47A

Bob Lawrence (R)

Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger (DFL)

MN House District 47B

Kelly Fenton (R)

Ethan Cha (DFL)

MN House District 53B

Steven Swoboda (R)

Rick Hansen (DFL)

Washington County Commissioner

County Commissioner District 2

Stan Karwaski (incumbent)

Julie Ohs (no website listed on SOS)

County Commissioner District 4

Karla Bigham

Keith Franke

County Commissioner District 5

Michelle Clasen

Andrea Date

Past State Primary Election Results

from August 9th, 2022

The NO vote wins!

Thank you to everyone who voted in their Primary this August! District officials are regrouping and will present an alternative Facility Plan to voters in February 2023. STAY TUNED at JAiME for SCHOOLS and attend your school board meetings.

Bond and Facility Blogs


. . .

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