I have HOPE

Seven seeds of HOPE. I find HOPE in the space in-between, in God’s natural world, in friendship and fellowship, in the giftedness of children, in We the People, in parents on school boards, and in improvements to higher education. I often write about many concerning and alarming topics that I see happening in the GovernmentContinue reading “I have HOPE”

Whose Children Are They? on the NOVEMBER calendar

South Washington County, MN JAiME for SCHOOLS Novembers Feature is the screening of WHOSE CHILDREN ARE THEY? “The groundbreaking documentary … featuring empowered parents, brave teachers, courageous students and front-line experts who pull back the curtain about what is truly happening in our public schools today.” Scroll to the end for more event details …Continue reading “Whose Children Are They? on the NOVEMBER calendar”

2022 Puzzle of a Minnesota Election

for ISD#833 residents Putting together the puzzle pieces of quality education is dependent on electing quality candidates. I’m a visual person, so I like to see all the candidates and the maps laid out in front of me … easy to access as needed. The maps included here are taken from official SOS (Secretary ofContinue reading “2022 Puzzle of a Minnesota Election”