Slave To MAN

The BODY Captive in Servitude To read The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas is to learn of the evils mankind both endures and inflicts upon it’s own. The idea that so many nations contributed to the organized capture of one race – turning free men, women and children into property – is heartless and barbaric. It ‘s not just a systemic AMERICAN problem though. It’s a worldwide HUMAN problem. Mankind has enslaved itself as far back as we have records to prove, and yet modern American culture is fixated on a mere 300 years, with itself at the center.

Slave To

INTRODUCTION What does it mean to be a slave? with references to Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass an American Slave. As I reflect on Douglass’ Narrative, I think about the many things we are “Slave To”, not just in BODY but also in MIND and SPIRIT. “Slave to MAN” is about human bondage, captivity and servitude of the BODY. “Slave To SCHOOL” looks at the MIND and the suppression of knowledge. “Slave to DEATH” is a matter of our SPIRIT and the chains of Fear, Sin and Death.

List of Local Private & Charter Schools

This is the season for school enrollment. LET THE FUN BEGIN! I had such a great time visiting private schools last year! Those listed here have been selected based on SoWashCo district attendance. I encourage you to dive in! Ask questions. Send emails. Attend an open house or two or three. Schedule a shadow dayContinue reading “List of Local Private & Charter Schools”

Truffle, Yes Please! My child’s Education : Part 2

A THREE PART SERIES Once I witnessed private school education from the inside, my best analogy was to that of a chocolate truffle. Each chocolate TRUFFLE is unique and special. The more irregular and homemade they look, the better. The ganache filling and tempered chocolate coating is rich in flavor, compact in density, and packedContinue reading “Truffle, Yes Please! My child’s Education : Part 2”

Twinkie or Truffle? My Child’s Education : Part 1

A THREE PART SERIES What kind of education do I want for my child? And what are they currently getting? These are questions I allowed myself to begin asking last year at this time. Are all schools created equal? I was surprised when I found the answers. by JAiME for SCHOOLS January 24th, 2022 FollowContinue reading “Twinkie or Truffle? My Child’s Education : Part 1”