“Achievement & Integration” RESULTS

PART 4 The WORLD’S BEST? Taxpayers of the South Washington County School District have funded Achievement and Integration for 23 years. We should see the fruit by now. In 2011, Woodbury High School was ranked 3rd in the State of Minnesota. Today they are 47th. The World’s Best Workforce, a title that implies our performance shall be measured BEST by comparison, so let’s begin there – The WORLD.

Achievement & Integration” SOCIAL

PART 3 FORCE against Family The SOCIAL-izing SCHOOLof ISD 833 SOUTH WASHINGTON COUNTY Only in the safety of its native soil is a root system able to stretch its arms out wide, its feet down long, and its head up high. In a strong healthy nutrient rich family, the home is the safest place for a child to grow. But not all soil is healthy just like not all families are safe, stable and nurturing. If we are to consider that a seedling might begin life in harsh soil conditions, then it seems logical that our first priority should be to AMEND THE SOIL … So why does district 833 push for Social learning which is anti-social, anti-family, and anti-Christian?

“Achievement & Integration” SPEECH

“A&I” SPEECH PART 2 TRUTH in QUALITY of LIGHT. In the garden GREENHOUSE of The Transparency Series, the quality of light is just as important as the glass house and the plant growing inside it. The light will represent TRUTH here, but the question is: What kind of truth (light) does the public school system use to teach its little seedlings? Government Speech. Examples of SoWashCo’s truth. When the unnatural is taught to BE the natural, who is the wiser? Who thrives? Who suffers? The danger of the unnatural is not so much that it IS, but more so that it is UNKNOWN.

“Achievement & Integration” DEFINED

A&I The Cultural Foundation of Excellence Today in South Washington County Schools PART 1 The Districts Pathway to Equity The GREENHOUSE analogy is an illustration of the school district function in its community. In it the SEED is the heart. The SEEDLING is the student. The ROOT is the soul. The SOIL is the family. The WATER is the teacher… Who does the A&I program feed? Does it feed the WHOLE of the child OR the WHOLE of the Govt school system? Let’s look at its foundation to find out.