“The Power of One”

Social Emotional Learning Long Range Facility Planning Bus Driver Shortages Recorded Workshop Meetings The district is currently talking about many of the issues parents care about. Two weeks ago, four elementary school principals shared how Social Emotional Learning is being wrapped into their 2022-23 school year theme, “The Power of One.” At the same workshopContinue reading ““The Power of One””

18 months Awake

A Round-up of my thoughts after the Panel Discussion How much can one person change in just 18 months? Consider a newborns growth in it’s first 18 months of life, and THAT is the kind of growth I am talking about! To be “18 months Awake” is like being born new, each milestone materializing intoContinue reading “18 months Awake”

In Matters of Privacy

Student Data Privacy A new law that impacts schools and technology providers … and your children … Students are back to school using technology under a new student data privacy law which parents have not been made aware of. If this law is legitimately a life saving tool, then why is the knowledge of harm being withheld from the parent for so long? And why is a school district personnel or a government worker (both of whom are strangers to the family) allowed to track my child’s location and listen in on their conversation without parental notice or consent? Maybe the intention behind this provision is good, but it’s direction could potentially undermine parental rights. You can bet that WHAT CAN BE ABUSED, WILL BE ABUSED.

Molding the Claymation Teacher

The Minnesota Licensing Standards of Governor Tim Walz and his appointed PELSB With resignation after resignation by SoWashCo teachers over the last two years … are Mold-a-Teacher License Standards really what the voters of Minnesota want? Puppet teachers and a new social dialect? Do you want perpetual pessimism, Minnesota? Do you want your children toContinue reading “Molding the Claymation Teacher”