Tightly Knit

A PEOPLE I am Thankful for Over the past year I have immersed myself in city, district, and state matters. I have thrown myself into the middle of political campaigns. Not because I am particularly political, but because I have begun to recognize the importance of regular citizen engagement in politics. What if the goal of an election is not to “win” an election”, but is to bring together our people?

I have HOPE

Seven seeds of HOPE. I find HOPE in the space in-between, in God’s natural world, in friendship and fellowship, in the giftedness of children, in We the People, in parents on school boards, and in improvements to higher education. I often write about many concerning and alarming topics that I see happening in the GovernmentContinue reading “I have HOPE”

18 months Awake

A Round-up of my thoughts after the Panel Discussion How much can one person change in just 18 months? Consider a newborns growth in it’s first 18 months of life, and THAT is the kind of growth I am talking about! To be “18 months Awake” is like being born new, each milestone materializing intoContinue reading “18 months Awake”

A School’s Vision to Serve

VISION 4 LIFE School Highlight : Concordia Academy High School Author, Jaime Kokaisel published, May 10th 2022 Each one of us holds a profound superpower: the power to GIVE. When we make that choice to help someone in need, we become better than we once were. We become greater than just one individual acting aloneContinue reading “A School’s Vision to Serve”