Of Masculine Importance

Where have all the MEN gone? Modern feminists have spun the tale that men and women are the same, that women don’t need men, and that hypermasculinity is a violent threat to women and children. That is simply not true, yet this is what SoWashCo Schools’ gender inclusive sexual violence prevention curriculum teaches. What we really should be asking is, How many children enrolled in SoWashCo Schools live without a father in the home? I do not believe masculinity is toxic. I believe masculinity is critically important, not only for men but also for women and children.

Fruit of the Tree

This article was inspired by SoWashCo Two Fruit Trees of Achievement and Integration. The Tree of Equity and the Tree of Equality. But what if we don’t need a box to make us tall? What if the fruit we reach for is bad? What if being tall doesn’t make us whole? … There are also two fruit trees in the creation story of Genesis. The Tree of Knowledge and The Tree of Life. What if opportunity meets us exactly where we are, knows exactly where we have been, and can see exactly where we are going?