Vote for A Better Plan

IN YOUR STATE PRIMARY August 9th, 2022 Early voting begins June 24th and ends August 8th. Vote by mail or in person. Learn more. DEMAND . SUPPORT . VOTE for “A BETTER PLAN 833” FIND OUT HOW NEW WEBSITE CONTENT ADDED Go directly to the page HERE or click VOTE in the MENU tab above by JAiME for SCHOOLS June 22nd, 2022

Books in School

NEW WEBSITE CONTENT ADDED See how your school compares to surrounding models in the South Washington County School area. And PLEASE PARTICIPATE by helping complete the list. All Schools BOOK LIST (To view the list CLICK HERE or in in the Menu tab) Reading is healthy. Reading sparks the imagination and expands our worldview. Kids who read improve their vocabulary, memory, comprehension, focus, andContinue reading “Books in School”

Q&A Largest Referendum in State History

PART 2 QUESTION ANSWER & COMMENT Ten audience members participate in discussion with Marvin. Senate District 47 Republicans Meeting from May 24th, 2022 Guest Speaker, City Council Member Marvin Taylor A TWO PART SERIES CLICK HERE for PART 1 – “Largest Referendum in State History“ Marvin Taylor has lived in Newport nine years and was elected to City Council in 2020. I first met himContinue reading “Q&A Largest Referendum in State History”

Largest Referendum in State History

PART 1 LET’S TALK ABOUT THAT WITH Marvin Taylor, from Newport’s City Council If voters approve SoWashCo’s 10-year facility plan and the coinciding bond referendum at the Special Election to be held August 9th, 2022, will this strengthen our families and communities, or will it weaken them? If the district is willing to gamble on outdated demographics projections from a 2018 pre-covid report, whatContinue reading “Largest Referendum in State History”

Ever changing Comment

MAY POLICY CHANGES On May 5th, the School Board discussed their reasoning for the changes made to public comment over the course of this past year. To my knowledge, this was the first time each board member has publicly expressed their opinion on the subject, and it was fascinating! For eight months the board has been silent on this issue, and resident concerns haveContinue reading “Ever changing Comment”

A School’s Vision to Serve

VISION 4 LIFE School Highlight : Concordia Academy High School Author, Jaime Kokaisel published, May 10th 2022 Each one of us holds a profound superpower: the power to GIVE. When we make that choice to help someone in need, we become better than we once were. We become greater than just one individual acting alone because the giver and the receiver both benefit. JesusContinue reading “A School’s Vision to Serve”

Public Comment: April

Hear what eight people had to say at the last school board meeting. See also, Public Comment today compared to yesterday… changed in so many measurable ways.

Building on Optimism: FACILITIES

The plan is large. The plan is expensive. The plan meets district goals. It is about “Building Our Future” says the headline. “Community. Growth. Student Success.” For everyone, you ask? Yes, for everyone … except for students currently attending Newport Elementary and 3,800 residents living in the City of Newport. For them, the plan represents just the opposite.

School Highlight: Laurel Community School

WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO OPEN A SCHOOL? Time, Money, Support … This is the question Woodbury resident, Alfrieda Baldwin, asked herself several years ago. She had practiced law for 32 years, and in her eighth year of retirement she was called to pursue something even greater. She recognized the growing need in her Twin Cities community for Christian Education, and this last FallContinue reading “School Highlight: Laurel Community School”

A Call to Connect

!!! PLEASE PARTICIPATE !!! City of Newport Community and all members of School District 833 Do you support the current Long-Range Facility Plan and the closure of Newport Elementary? Please share your story with me The School Board will vote on the current Long Range Facility Plan and Bond Referendum at the next Meeting on April 21st, 2022. I am writing an article aboutContinue reading “A Call to Connect”

Spanish Immersion: is So Much More.

PART 2 Inspired by Parent Interviews Author, Jaime Kokaisel published March 18th, 2022 A TWO PART SERIES CLICK HERE for PART 1 – “Spanish Immersion: Meet Equity.“ I cover some pretty controversial subjects in this piece, but that’s okay. The more I talk to people, the more I learn, the more I ponder, and the more I relate. The truth is, my spirit hasContinue reading “Spanish Immersion: is So Much More.”

Spanish Immersion: Meet Equity.

PART 1 Inspired by Parent Interviews Author, Jaime Kokaisel published March 1st, 2022 The three Principals from the Spanish Immersion pathway schools are Cynthia Maldonado, Kari Lopez, and Sarah Sorenson-Wagner. As they spoke at the School Showcase in February, certain phrases caught my attention. Those phrases were, “Inclusive Dual Language Immersion” and “For a more inclusive and equitable program, we need a transition…” andContinue reading “Spanish Immersion: Meet Equity.”

Schooling Circles

A SERIES Artwork by Jaime Kokaisel Have you ever walked into the lake up to your knees and watched the minnows swim in circles around your legs? Even from the dock, you can see them MOVING IN UNISON. TOGETHER. IN SCHOOLS. No single fish appears to be the leader. They react to their surroundings in a similar manner and at the same time, changingContinue reading “Schooling Circles”

List of Local Private & Charter Schools

This is the season for school enrollment. LET THE FUN BEGIN! I had such a great time visiting private schools last year! Those listed here have been selected based on SoWashCo district attendance. I encourage you to dive in! Ask questions. Send emails. Attend an open house or two or three. Schedule a shadow day for your child. It doesn’t hurt to look. CommitmentContinue reading “List of Local Private & Charter Schools”

Growth on a Horizon of Great Change

Long range facility planning is in full swing by the ISD833 school district. The goal is to move toward one final plan by MARCH so they can gain approval by the school board in APRIL and begin organizing the sales pitch to voters with a bond referendum (the sale of bonds to raise construction funds). A special election would be held AUGUST 9th, 2022,Continue reading “Growth on a Horizon of Great Change”

Twinkie, What happened? My Child’s Education : Part 3

A THREE PART SERIES Filled with a fluff interior, the Hostess Twinkie is mass produced in a factory and contains 37 unrecognizable ingredients. This convenient, plastic wrapped snack is loaded with preservatives, calories and sugar, which all work together to elicit the intended result: a long shelf life, instant gratification, and an unquenchable desire for more. It is a factory workers job to regulateContinue reading “Twinkie, What happened? My Child’s Education : Part 3”

Truffle, Yes Please! My child’s Education : Part 2

A THREE PART SERIES Once I witnessed private school education from the inside, my best analogy was to that of a chocolate truffle. Each chocolate TRUFFLE is unique and special. The more irregular and homemade they look, the better. The ganache filling and tempered chocolate coating is rich in flavor, compact in density, and packed with quality. One or two chocolate truffles will satisfyContinue reading “Truffle, Yes Please! My child’s Education : Part 2”

Twinkie or Truffle? My Child’s Education : Part 1

A THREE PART SERIES What kind of education do I want for my child? And what are they currently getting? These are questions I allowed myself to begin asking last year at this time. Are all schools created equal? I was surprised when I found the answers. by JAiME for SCHOOLS January 24th, 2022 Follow my Blog

Growing cities, Growing families, Growing schools.

After voters approved the revenue operating levy on November 2nd 2021, SoWashCo schools didn’t miss a beat moving into plans for their next tax increase proposition. Two days later they immediately jumped into long range facility planning at their November 4th Meeting and Workshop. The strategy? My guess is they need to pass this bond referendum by the public before 2021’s approved impact isContinue reading “Growing cities, Growing families, Growing schools.”

Welcome to my Blog

JAiME for SCHOOLS in 2022 begins and ends with kids. This website was created during my run for ISD#833 school board as a way to communicate campaign efforts and stances. On November 2nd 2021, I received 8,239 votes by my community. This was not enough to secure a spot on the board, however since then my desire to improve education has not ceased butContinue reading “Welcome to my Blog”

About Me

My name is Jaime Kokaisel, and I am the author of JAiME for SCHOOLS. I have called Woodbury, MN my home for over 12 years now (and prior to that, Saint Paul). I grew up in West Saint Paul and Rosemount, MN with my Mom, step-Dad, step-Brother, step-Sister, and half-Sister. I graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2001 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Illustration.

My husband grew up on the West end of Woodbury in the house his parents still own (near Woodbury Elementary School). We have two children: Layton (16) and Carley (13). They attended the SoWashCo public schools for 10 years, until 2021. They now attend local Christian Private Schools.

I ran for School Board in November, and in January I turned my campaign page into JAiME for SCHOOLS. The articles I write in my Blog represent ALL school options available to families in the South Washington County School District because the need for quality education is growing. My focus is on supporting the development of strong families for the sake of our children and our communities.

I think all stakeholders deserve to be heard. I think all local voices are valuable. I think strong families build strong communities build strong societies, and I think that involves YOU!

I invite you to contribute your VOICE to surveys and an EAR to your neighbor.

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