MARCH calendar

South Washington County, MN … time for speaking. March Feature is the opportunity to “Speak Proudly” at the Capitol, An Oratory Competition for High School Girls … As SoWashCo approaches another round of facility planning in 2023, I took some time to tour the schools. I was surprised, and also not surprised, by what I learned.

“Achievement & Integration” RESULTS

PART 4 The WORLD’S BEST? Taxpayers of the South Washington County School District have funded Achievement and Integration for 23 years. We should see the fruit by now. In 2011, Woodbury High School was ranked 3rd in the State of Minnesota. Today they are 47th. The World’s Best Workforce, a title that implies our performance shall be measured BEST by comparison, so let’s begin there – The WORLD.

FEBRUARY calendar

South Washington County, MN Your CITY and DISTRICT meetings SO YOU WANT TO RUN FOR SCHOOL BOARD and SoWashCo PLANNING : FACILITIES, STRATEGY, and ACHIEVEMENT & INTEGRATION February will be an important month of school board meetings to pay attention to since the completion of resident FEEDBACK means developing the framework around a new facility plan.


PART 4 POLITICS and CULTURE The last article looked at the original definition of SOCIAL in that we are “disposed to mix in friendly converse.” By that definition, today’s “social” is actually anti-social. There is no such thing as anti-social justice If equity is the law of reason. There is simply JUSTICE. Imagine if EQUITY were applied to a plant in the same way as a media driven culture applies EQUITY to people. Plant Equity does not acknowledge or address the soil around the root as an integral part of an integrated whole.