The Subordination of Order

Where do you go in the rain? Do you seek shelter? Do you grab an umbrella? Do you put on a rain coat?

This idea of a family in the rain was born out of a dream I had one year ago this May.

Jaime’s sketchbook, May 2022

What happens to the child living without an umbrella?

“Overwhelming grief, prolonged distress, incessant abuse, continual persecution, and imminent punishment breed hopelessness and despair … With just a glimmer of hope, we would take courage and carry on … HOPE is knowing God and resting in his love.”

David R. Veerman -Introduction to Zephaniah, The Holy Bible

The prophet Zephaniah, speaks about true hope grounded in the knowledge of God’s justice and love.

My question is, for the one who does not know this justice and love, where does this glimmer of hope come from?

The only way I have been able to make sense out of this confusing world is through God’s word. The Holy Bible speaks truth into my life in a way that no other source of information has ever been able to do. Hebrews 4:12 says that “the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”

Supposedly, we are told, God is not a part of the curriculum in the government public school system. We are not supposed to talk about God or teach about God or celebrate God. For the respectable 21st Century American Christian, religion is to be compartmentalized into “church” and “state”.

But guess what? God IS in our government public school systems. Not by name. Not by a teacher of good moral standards. But by disguise … and as the villain, in many cases. For the one who knows their Bible, public schools ooze with Christian symbolism. Take the very symbol of education itself: the Apple.

How many children know their Bible? There are not many who will be able to identify a Biblical lesson in middle school as it is being twisted and turned into evil. Even adults, parents, and teachers may not catch the lie that is told under disguise of earthly desire … unless they read their Bible.

And so, it is with that introduction that I explain why I do not shy away from talking about Biblical truth.

The Holy Bible is not a weapon. The narrative around gender identity is becoming a very angry battle cry, and it makes me so sad to see the Bible being used as a sword to kill, silence and destroy. That is not it’s purpose. The Bible is like a living road map to life that is meant to be studied often as a person matures in wisdom and understanding. I implore the angry warrior using scripture like a sword to PLEASE open up its pages and READ. I also encourage every parent pick up your Bible and READ. Read for clarity, discovery, peace, enlightenment and curiosity. Even if you do not believe in the Lord, read the Bible for discernment between the truth that is the WORLD versus the truth that is JESUS CHRIST.

God’s word will meet you exactly where you are, and that is nothing short of a miracle.

My use of scripture is not meant to judge or belittle those who believe differently though. The Lord invites everyone to follow Him, but for those who do not wish to be found, the Lord did not torment them while in the flesh, so neither will I torment you. As an adult you are free to choose your own lifestyle, and I really do hope you find what you are looking for.

Order and Chaos

In District 833, Christianity is given the label of “dominate” and is clearly spelled out as such by middle and high school. Lesson plans and teacher training says all other religions fall under the subordinate group … which is to imply that submission is bad. Kids are taught empowerment in SoWashCo so they can rise up and fight the status quo. Right? So let’s take a look at what the Bible teaches us about dominate and subordinate.


In the Garden of Eden, the TREE represents the knowledge of good and evil. God the Father, in his omnipotence, knows us better than we know ourselves. He teaches his children to first obey until the time comes when they have the moral maturity to handle it’s fruit.

“Concretely, the tree represented for Adam the choice between submitting to God’s law or pursuing moral autonomy: Fearing the Lord (the beginning of wisdom), or judging for himself what good and evil are. Learning obedience would result in greater wisdom, maturity, and freedom. That is what the serpent tempted Adam and Eve with: “You shall be as gods, knowing good and evil” (Genesis 3:5). That is, you shall judge for yourselves. You will not be in the position of children, having good and evil dictated to you.

The serpent tempted Adam and Eve with the prerogatives of autonomous, mature adulthood before they had learned submission to God—and he tempted them to achieve this by way of disobedience. But it is important to understand that it could have been achieved with obedience as well, without the consequences of sin—and that is the tragedy. Adam and Eve were indeed destined to rule creation. Becoming like gods was not a bad thing or a bad desire. But this was to be achieved in the same way the rule of Jesus was achieved—by submission to God (Philippians 2:8-9).”

Article by Daniel Hoffman (Link HERE)

The Garden of Eden and the fall of mankind is a lesson of obedience to the Father. In the same way as Adam and Eve were commanded to obey God by not eating the fruit on the tree of knowledge, so are we commanded as children to LOVE and OBEY our parents. It is for our own protection.

Pyramids of Priority


From the beginning of creation, God establishes a natural order for us to follow so that we don’t fall into chaos. He instructs us how to stay on that good and true path through subordination at ALL levels.

The Father

As a boy becomes a man, and some day a father, he hopefully develops the ability to discern between good and evil by submitting to God. There is a greater need for moral maturity when issuing moral judgments as a parent. Who does a boy learn moral maturity from? He learns by watching his own father – his heavenly father and his earthly father. Under Christ Jesus, a husband protects, leads and provides for his family. His love is known by the way he creates safe boundaries and dependable consequences.

The Mother

As a girl becomes a woman, and some day a mother, she hopefully develops the ability to care for people and guide. A mother’s surroundings are very important. If she is surrounded by people and places that lift her spirits, she will flourish. Her happiness and fulfillment will spread to others. “Your mother was like a vine in a vineyard planted beside the waters; she bore lush fruit and foliage because of the plentiful water, and she produced mighty branches, fit for rulers’ scepters.” Ezekiel 19:10-11. A wife comforts, teaches and nurtures her family.

The Child

As an infant becomes an adolescent, then teen, then young adult, a child develops the ability to be obedient. Since a child is morally immature, submitting to the father’s protection and the mother’s instruction is vital to his/her future success. With the developing responsibility to knowing good and evil comes with it greater wisdom, maturity, and freedom.

Our values and priorities are reflected in how we use our resources -time, money, strength, and talent.

My family in the rain sketch looks like this now. It is still unsigned. I am not done.

Chalk drawing and computer rendering by Jaime, April 2023

If this is what it means to submit to God, then I choose God.

In my next article I will talk more about the biblical symbolism of trees, fruit and height.

What if we don’t NEED a box to make us tall? Maybe there is a better way to reach the “fruit” that will fill us, and maybe that fruit is not as high off the ground as we think.

by JAiME for SCHOOLS, April 17th 2023


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