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JAiME for SCHOOLS February Featured Event is the information session, SO YOU WANT TO RUN FOR SCHOOL BOARD. It will be held online Sunday, February 5th by Minnesota Parents Alliance. In addition to this event, one more has been added for those of you interested in health and parental rights at the legislative level.

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February Meetings

February will be an important month of school board meetings to pay attention to since the completion of resident FEEDBACK means developing the framework around a new facility plan.

Community Surveys from the facility planning process are complete and will be presented at the FEBRUARY 2nd Workshop Meeting. (Link to the Agenda HERE) “Mr. Peter Leatherman will provide the board and community with a summary of the survey results. (He) will also share how our districts perceptions and response connect to other districts, the state and nationally.” The districts Achievement and Integration Plan is a topic I have covered extensively over the past two months under my TRANSPARENCY SERIES: A&I DEFINED, SPEECH, SOCIAL, EQUITY and RESULTS. Achievement and Integration is on a three year cycle and is due to expire this year, so Director of DEI, James Magee will be presenting the first reading of the new three year plan at the Workshop Feb. 2nd. The Final draft is to be brought before the school board for approval at the Meeting on February 16th.

The 833 school district just released NOTICE of a Strategic Planning Meeting scheduled for Saturday, FEBRUARY 4th from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. “School Board Members will attend a meeting facilitated by TeamWorks International about Strategic Planning. The purpose of the meeting is to receive information about the work of the Strategic Planning Committee and provide input on the mission, vision, core values and direction of the Strategic Plan. Who is Team Works International? That’s a good question since they are in the business of “transforming” school districts (Link to their website HERE). Among their list of clients is the Stillwater Area School District, which I find of value to consider since our two districts are “braided” through the MDE A&I program. Founder and Executive Consultant, Dennis Cheesebrow just recently presented to them on January 24th (View their meeting HERE at minute 15:30.)

Little known Fun Fact:

Would you like District 833 to notify you about last minute SPECIAL MEETINGS, like the one mentioned above? Do you want to receive the meeting AGENDA as soon as it posts?

Submit your request by email to the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent & School Board, Dayna Pottratz : dpottrat@sowashco.org You will receive an email with the attached agenda twice a month. This is the best way to keep up with policy changes before the board votes. It also gives you time to address the board with questions and to arrange your attendance.

Consider speaking to the board during Public Comment by signing up by 3:00pm the day of the meeting. The district turns off live stream for Public Comment (despite what the name implies), so consider asking a friend to video record your three minute speech.

AGENDAS are available by request for each city meeting also. There are seven CITIES within the boundary of South Washington County. Please find the link to your city (under tabs below) to learn the process for receiving your agenda update by email.

Send me an overview of your SoWashCo city meeting or key agenda items, and I am happy to include it in my monthly report. I like to watch what the cities are doing because their work often overlaps with school district facility planning.

I live in Woodbury, and our sign-up to receive email notifications is through inTouch (Link HERE) or by contacting the City Clerk, Kim Blaeser at kblaeser@ci.woodbury.mn.us “Meeting agendas are prepared on the Friday preceding the meeting date.” The topics I hear most often discussed recently by my Woodbury City Council are : residential and commercial development projects, water quality and treatment plans, cannabinoid licensing, construction of the Metro Gold Line Bus Rapid Transit Project, and the Central Park Rehabilitation Project.

Independent School District 833 S C H O O L


833 School Board Meetings

Workshop Meeting : February 2nd @ 6:00.

Strategic Planning Meeting : February 4th @ 9:00 am

Business Meeting : January 16th @ 6:00

School Board Members

  • Melinda Dols
  • Patricia Driscoll
  • Louize Hinz
  • Simi Patnaik
  • Katie Schwartz
  • Eric Tessmer
  • Sharon VanLeer

7362 E Point Douglas Rd S, Cottage Grove, MN 55016

South Washington County C I T Y


Council Members

  • Mayor Bill Palmquist
  • Annie Perkins
  • Lucia Wroblewski
  • Stan Ross
  • Randy Nelson

Council Members

  • Mayor Myron Bailey
  • Steve Dennis
  • Tony Khambata
  • Justin Olsen
  • Dave Thiede

Board Members

  • Chairman Paul Schoenecker
  • Supervisor Richard (Dick) Polta
  • Supervisor Dan Ohmann

Board Supervisors

  • Dawn Johnson, Seat 1
  • Matt Ruben, Seat 2
  • John Stohfus, Seat 3
  • Julie Windschitl, Seat 4
  • Mike Femling, Seat 5

Council Members

  • Mayor Laurie Elliott
  • Kevin Chapdelaine
  • Tom Ingemann
  • Bill Sumner
  • Marvin Taylor

Council Members

  • Mayor Sandra J. Dingle
  • Jeff Haggerty
  • Tim Jones
  • Jeff Swenson
  • Bruce Zenner

Council Members

  • Mayor Anne Burt
  • Andrea Date
  • Steve Morris
  • Jennifer Santini
  • Kim Wilson

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February Featured Events

Monthly featured events are selected throughout the Twin cities area based on schooling in Minnesota from a parents perspective. If there is an event you would like considered for a monthly Feature, please reach out to JAiME.

Are you wondering what it’s like to run for SCHOOL BOARD and whether it’s right for you?

Join this FREE event ONLINE

Sunday, February 5th from 2:00-3:00

“Running for school board is an exciting way to engage and lead positive change for your entire community. Join us to learn more about the process of running for school board and what it takes to run a successful campaign. The presentation will cover key issues in education, campaign messaging, and the elements of a strong campaign followed by time for Q&A.”

Learn more about Minnesota Parents Alliance HERE

This is more than just a rally. It is a FAMILY FUN EVENT for learning about the legislative process, meeting your representatives and connecting with your Minnesota community.

Thursday, February 2nd at 9:00 and 2:00

Minnesotans for Health & Parental Rights

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by JAiME for SCHOOLS on February 1st, 2023


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