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FORCE against Family

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FORCE against Family






Unquenchable THIRST

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An Introduction

The Transparency Series

PEOPLE – LANGUAGE – VISION of 833 South Washington County Schools What does it mean to be transparent? I use the illustration of A GARDEN GREENHOUSE. For the purposes of this series, the greenhouse represents a school district’s function in its community, the policy and procedure it establishes to achieve that function, and its ability to communicate that process transparently out to the community.

Dear Reader,

I support the building of strong, healthy families, and I believe this starts in the home. Media’s social programing does more harm than good to families, and we can control its grip on our children in the home. A school who embraces media truth is actively working AGAINST the family. I try to stay calm when writing these articles, but the further I research, the more I am so very disturbed. District 833 chooses to partner and teach from dishonest media sources, and yet they present to the public their lies with a smile. I am just so sick to my stomach about it.

I often quote scripture because the Word is my foundation. It is the Word that guides my path and feeds my soul … not the media.

You may follow Jesus or you may not. Those who have a spiritual hunger hopefully will find the scripture I quote to be fulfilling.

“And if it seems evil to you to serve the LORD, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

Joshua 24:15


author and designer of JAiME for SCHOOLS

There are seventeen essential nutrients, or elements, for plant growth and reproduction.

(give or take a few)

The three largest macro nutrients are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. These elements are absorbed by the plant through the soil, air, and water. Some nutrients support the leaf while others support the flower. From germination to fruit production, from the moment it is born to the moment it decomposes -there is a nutrient for every part of a plant. No ONE nutrient can do the work of all seventeen together, and all nutrients are necessary for the survival of the species.

“Healthy soil is the foundation of thriving gardens, lawns and landscapes.”

-University of Minnesota Extension, Living Soil, Healthy Garden (Link to article HERE).

The SOIL is the family.

The job of the soil is to feed and nurture the root and body of the seed. The job of a human family is to provide stability, security, basic needs, safety, and love in order to nurture all parts of the growing child. Only in the safety of its native soil is a root system able to stretch its arms out wide, its feet down long, and its head up high. For the child this means testing boundaries at home, sharing spaces, and giving freely. In a strong healthy nutrient rich family, the home is the safest place for a child to grow.

The Periodic Table of Elements identifies these essential nutrients. Look how closely related the environmental needs of a plant are to an animal.

But not all soil is healthy just like not all families are safe, stable and nurturing. If we are to consider that a seedling might begin life in harsh soil conditions, then it seems logical that our first priority should be to AMEND THE SOIL …

Some families are like LOAM.

The soil is at an ideal balance of saturation and holds JUST the RIGHT amount of water and air to allow essential nutrients to be taken in. Loam has structure enough to protect the root while being open enough to allow time and space for independent growth.

Some families are like CLAY.

The soil is saturated and holds too MUCH water, not allowing roots the air and space to flourish. Clay is dense and restricts growth because it crowds the root and drowns the plant.

Some families are like SAND.

The soil is depleted and holds too LITTLE water, starving the roots by a lack of structure and substance. Sand is loose and the roots dry out quickly from too much air.

The POT is the safe boundary of policy and procedure (created by the school district). It keeps the root structure safe, so that it can’t be torn apart. Policy and procedure creates healthy boundaries for children to thrive within. It establishes “the law” of right and wrong within a school district, and it establishes “the order” by which to administer consequences. It creates reliable consistency within the school building walls, and it does not follow a corrupted culture of lies. It sets a higher example than the unpredictability of social media, and it holds itself accountable.


Unhealthy plants attract pests and disease like unhealthy children attract predatory people with bad intentions.

A government school system is capable of feeding the mind. It is also capable of feeding the stomach. The thing that a government school system cannot feed is the soul, the root, the family.

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According to Noah Webster’s 1828 dictionary, the word SOCIAL means “Ready or disposed to mix in friendly converse ; companionable ; Consisting in union or mutual converse ; Disposed to unite in society.”

Does that sound like the same “SOCIAL” being used by secular culture to promote Social Justice, Social Media, Social-Emotional Learning, and Socialism? No, because by that definition, the “social” of today is actually anti-social.

Social Media is a retreat from human physical interaction into the solitude of your own mind. It is a mask we put on. Scrolling through news media, listening to podcasts, watching movies, working electronically, reading e-books … isn’t it all just an easy escape from reality? To eat comfort foods while watching comfort movies on a screen that will tell a different story than the one we are living?

And isn’t that point of media … to suck us in and spit us out. Media feeds on the user because without the user it dies.

For living in such a “SOCIAL” time as this, we are probably the LEAST social culture of all time!

What do all these businesses have in common?

Not only are they all politically far left of center, they are also used in district 833’s secondary curriculum and teacher training programs. Big media is the ‘expert’ many 833 teachers are trained by and use regularly in their classroom instruction.

The social entertainment industry has an open door to school children. Meanwhile the family has been locked out of curriculum behind cinder block walls and secure entryways.

Government public school leaders are in a position of GREAT RESPONSIBILITY because they are CAPABLE of flipping negative cultural influences around. District 833 has the ability to protect children from the harmful influence of the “social” empire, but instead they choose to follow and promote this industry built upon money, power and influence.


Achievement and Integration Plan submitted to MDE

July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2023

Link to document HERE

We are now in the second year of a three year contract with Minnesota Department of Education. In that time District 833 has failed to meet nearly every benchmark, both academics and in Integration (to be discussed in PART 4).

View the entire SoWashCo report HERE. From District 833’s website, this document takes multiple links to access. I will note, as a matter of transparency, many of the details presented in this report were NOT included in the Superintendent’s November WBWF presentation to the public and Board.

To help weave the whole plan together across the state, MDE established the requirement that “racially isolated districts must partner with adjoining districts on student integration strategies (Minn. R. 3535.0170).” MN School Desegregation/Integration Rule also requires the establishment of a multi-district collaboration council.

District 833 was not identified to be a “racially isolated” district, but we are tied to #196 Rosemount Apple Valley Eagan, who was. We are “braided” to them (along with #200 Hastings and #834 Stillwater Public Schools) through funding and programing.

A&I Plan’s STRATEGY includes alignment with

ReimagineMN, StoryArk and EquityAlliance.

In their list of “The Underlying Barriers – What is preventing achievement of the goals?” Reimiagine MN says,

The dominant culture perpetuates the status quo. Need to address the entrenched values, beliefs, assumptions and mindsets of the dominant culture to perpetuate the status quo and inequality in our educational system.”

Association of Metropolitan School Districts

AMSD is a legislative lobbying group who keeps members up-to-date about the progress of the current legislative session. They oppose school vouchers or tax deductions or tax credits for non-public school tuition because “AMSD believes Minnesota, through open enrollment, the post-secondary enrollment options program, charter schools, on-line learning and educational tax credits and deductions, is a national leader in providing school choice options.”

Link to website HERE.

Everything is “Student Led” in the public school dialogue. What has happened to the idea of forgiveness?

What does this mean for the FAMILY and FRIENDSHIPS? How does a plant survive without its soil? …without its root?

Student initiated and student led. The Story Ark mission is to empower student voices and equip young artists to thrive. “StoryArk helps students in elementary school, middle school, and high school initiate creative teams in which they communicate, collaborate and connect with each other to imagine and produce narrative podcasts, short films, and a literary magazine.”

Link to Story Ark HERE.

I really WANT to believe in the mission of this organization because I know first hand how artistic expression at this age can inspire possibility and open doors to the future. At Rosemount High School my art teacher believed in me, and he helped me enter my art and writing into local competitions. By my Junior and Senior year I was competing at the State and National level. I sincerely know how important this is.

I have to wonder though if my creative 14 year old daughter would have the same opportunities in public school today.

Since the leadership of Stillwater and SoWashCo appear to be in sync with one another through the states “braided” A&I program, I have begun to pay closer attention to Stillwater board meetings. I have also engaged in conversation with 834 parents. It is uncanny how much our Superintendents pull from the same exact resources.

One 834 parent told me Story Ark came into her child’s AVID class regularly. Her son (who is white) was addressed with racial slurs during the AVID program. When Story Ark brought gender ideology into the classroom, this parent addressed the school district with her concern. Despite the instruction being through a district sponsored program, Stillwater claimed no fault because Story Ark is an outside organization.

Update: Stillwater Area Public Schools held their board meeting January 24th (one day after this article posted). During Public Comment, Jessica Johnson provided testimony of her families experience with Story Ark through AVID.

“Two of my kids participated in the AVID program at the high school which was presented to me as a course aimed at teaching kids organizational habits, problem solving and critical thinking skills. I found it strange when I was told that the class was discussing gender ideologies and being asked to vocalize their pronouns. This was not considered “curriculum” because it was brought in by an outside non-profit called Story Ark. When I asked for the curriculum, I was told it wasn’t ours and therefore not available.”

Three speakers addressed the board about policy 606, changes to curriculum. View the Stillwater Area Public School Meeting Live Stream HERE.

This is Jessica’s comment-in-full, for those who are interested in the whole speech.

What happens to the ARTS in the absence of FREE SPEECH?

The article preceding this one, A&I SPEECH, quotes Districts DEI definitions for Speech, HATE Speech and GOVT. Speech. Isn’t it odd that FREE speech is not included? This is because Freedom of Speech dies with the DFL’s version of EQUITY.

Dedicated to racial integration and equity.

According to Influence Watch (HERE) “Equity Alliance MN is a left-of-center educational consulting nonprofit that evolved from operating several magnet schools. The organization states that it works to promote educational equity and improve student outcomes. Its approach is grounded in critical race theory and it openly states that race and culture are of fundamental importance to the way people think and act.”

The organization received quite a bit of criticism for its program content and the administration of its “equity surveys.” This criticism has resulted in multiple contract cancellations within the last year.

Equity Alliance is now closing. What does that mean for district 833’s relationship with them or the money they have paid?

Story Ark will be absorbing parts of the business. This includes the Youth Executive Board (YEB) and the Culturally Responsive Student Leadership (CRSL) programming.

Link to Equity Alliance HERE

What happened to HISTORY?

Social Studies is no longer just one class at SoWashCo’s Social-izing Schools. The entire day is one big Social Studies lesson.

Definition of Social Studies: “A part of a school or college curriculum concerned with the study of social relationships and the functioning of society and usually made up of courses in history, government, economics, civics, sociology, geography, and anthropology.” (Merriam Webster Dictionary).

Culturally Responsive Staff Training

In case you ever needed to see it in writing, ISD833 does support student activism when they pay for, promote and align with the organizations they do. I try to follow every source to see where it came from and this section contains just a sampling of activist sources. Here, Zaretta Hammond’s page brought me to Learning for Justice Education Resources.

Author, Zaretta Hammond is from California. “With the introduction of the rigorous Common core State Standards, diverse classrooms need a proven framework for optimizing student engagement and facilitating deeper learning. Culturally responsive pedagogy has shown great promise in meeting this need, but many educators still struggle with its implementation.” (Clip from the book Summary)

What happened to “Academic” Training?

How much better could academics be if our district put as much time into that as they do into achievement, integration, diversity, equity, inclusion, CRT, SEL, and on and on and on?

Culturally Relevant Classroom

At the end of this classroom video, MTV recommends for more information about racial, gender & LGBTQ bias, so I checked it out …

First I was introduced to White People, The Documentary. The link to watch White People was no longer active though, so I read the “Discussion Guide for Viewers”. It was here I learned all about the “myth” of reverse racism.

Should the public school respond to the media’s version of equity by training with it, supporting it, and funding it?

The public school is conforming to media’s version of SOCIAL etiquette and ANGRY justice. Should the public school of an American Republic be directly aligned with the Big Money Media Industry?

Curriculum through A&I

What happened to reading BOOKS and studying the english LANGUAGE and solving MATH equations?

It is clear that A&I is NOT about academic excellence, despite the claim of MN Statute.


“Program to close the academic achievement and opportunity gap; revenue uses.

“The ‘Achievement and Integration for Minnesota’ program is established to pursue racial and economic integration and increase student academic achievement, create equitable educational opportunities, and reduce academic disparities based on students’ diverse racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds in Minnesota public schools.”

(View the full Statute HERE)

Every time I try to put a parameter on the boundaries of the public school system, I find it grows even larger. It reaches out into public and private businesses. They change their brand (Equity Alliance) and move building locations (MDE), they split off (PELSB) and rework employee counts to justify a buildings cost/square foot, they shuffle people around (StoryArk), and they change names (School IQ). Meanwhile, though it might look new and fresh and different, the mission remains the same.

If this culture clings to the god of media, who does media care most about? WHAT does media desire?

Media attracts, entices and lures its user into belief. The god of Media cares only about self-preservation. The god of Media feeds off fleshly desires to be comfortable and happy and successful and influential. With the promise of health and strength, Media users become sick and weak, but they seem to have forgotten that the god of Media is no more (at least) than a business and no less (at most) than the Devil.

“And there was another great eagle with great wings and much plumage, and behold, this vine bent its roots toward him and shot forth its branches toward him from the bed where it was planted, that he might water it. It had been planted on good soil by abundant waters, that it might produce branches and bear fruit and become a noble vine.”

“Say, Thus says the Lord GOD: Will it thrive? Will he not pull up its roots and cut off its fruit, so that it withers, so that all its fresh sprouting leaves wither? It will not take a strong arm or many people to pull it from its roots. Behold, it is planted; will it thrive? Will it not utterly wither when the east wind strikes it – wither away on the bed where it sprouted?”

Ezekiel 17: 7-10

by JAiME for SCHOOLS January 23th 2023 (Updated Jan. 24th, 2023)


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