Slave To DEATH

Life & DEATH. Faith & FEAR. Good & EVIL. This world of opposites is our reality. We cannot escape it. What do we do when DEATH enters school in the form of a school shooting? …or FEAR enters school in the form of a virus? … or SIN enters school in the form of a false teacher? The one who puts their faith in the spiritual world will answer these questions differently than the one who puts their faith in the earthly world. In the public school setting, spirituality is ignored, at best, and shamefully ridiculed, at worst. This has been my experience. WILL SCHOOL POLICY EVER BE ABLE TO ADDRESS “SAFETY” ENTIRELY WITHOUT THE ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF SPIRITUALITY?


PART 3 The MIND Captive in Servitude In order for the BODY to be captive in servitude, the MIND must be controlled too. Which comes first? Today, it can feel like the minds of our children are being compromised in American public school education. The very system which was said to represent all, seems to represent very few. Those who claim to unite us are dividing us. Even DEI policy, which was written and passed by the school board to promote inclusion, 6 months later, has quietly excluded an entire town from their plan. The systems who claim to represent our children, are merely representing their own pocket books. Federal and State Governments … Teachers’ Unions and School Districts … Public Libraries … Dictionaries … Activists.

Slave To MAN

PART 2 The BODY Captive in Servitude with a foundational reference to Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave by Frederick Douglass Reading Frederick Douglass’s Narrative made my problems pale by comparison. His first person experience enriched my understanding of the evils mankind both endures and inflicts on it’s own. America isContinue reading “Slave To MAN”