A Call to Connect


City of Newport Community

and all members of School District 833

Do you support the current Long-Range Facility Plan and the closure of Newport Elementary?

Please share your story with me

The School Board will vote on the current Long Range Facility Plan and Bond Referendum at the next Meeting on April 21st, 2022. I am writing an article about the proposed closure of Newport Elementary and why this part of the plan does not work for our district and the City of Newport.

Please consider sharing your story with me! Over the past week, I have interviewed a teacher, a parent, and a City Council Member. I would really like to hear from more Newport teachers, parents, kids and community members in order to represent this community best. I also welcome feedback from all members of the district.

Video from the April 7th School Board Workshop where each board member openly discussed their support, or lack of support, for the current Long- Range Facility plan . . .

Note: School Board member Katie Schwatz was not in attendance to give her perspective.

Thank you for your time. Please connect to my Homepage to find my contact information and send me a note.

by JAiME for SCHOOLS April 8th, 2022


4 thoughts on “A Call to Connect

  1. I would love to send info from a Newport Elementary grandkid, student, mom and community perspective. Do you have an email address? Others would like to connect with you too.

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