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JAiME for SCHOOLS in 2022 begins and ends with kids.

This website was created during my run for ISD#833 school board as a way to communicate campaign efforts and stances. On November 2nd 2021, I received 8,239 votes by my community. This was not enough to secure a spot on the board, however since then my desire to improve education has not ceased but rather burns stronger than ever before.

In 2022 this website has changed from “JaimeforSchoolBoard” to “JaimeforSchools” because it is the education of ALL children I care about: public, private and home schooled. I share my journal publicly out of the desire for us to grow together, in understanding and in hope of finding the best school model for our children.

This blog is purely an exploration of my observations. I most certainly do not claim to know everything, but it’s too easy to talk ourselves out of commitment for fear of failure. True failure happens when we are too afraid to take the first step. Without a first step there can never be a second, a third, and a final step. If you are following along with me, thank you for having an open mind to the process. I hope you will also participate in some of the Q & A surveys as they are published.

by JAiME for SCHOOLS January 1st, 2022


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