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Happy New Year! Since the election in November of 2021, I took the opportunity to slow things down a bit and resume a normal schedule of running, reading, journaling, enjoying family time and contemplating all that we accomplished in 2021. I’ve also been attending school board meetings, city council meetings, and party meetings to learn more about election integrity and the 2022 candidates running this year. There is so much I would love to talk to you about. Thank you for checking in to see my new Blog and hopefully we can connect soon.

by Jaime for Schools January 3rd, 2022

From this past 2021 School Board Campaign

I am running for ISD 833 School Board because Education is top priority. I believe we are at a critical point with special interest groups seeking to replace our district’s educational excellence with divisive partisan policy.

Our publicly funded schools and non-partisan culture of learning is critical to overall trust and district-wide unity. With funding shortfalls, program cuts, increasing class sizes, declining student proficiency, and personal freedoms under attack, now is the time for new and creative ideas to work toward better solutions.

If elected I will:

  • Work to restore TRUST in district leadership.
  • Bring TRANSPARENCY to district policy, process, and financing.
  • Be ACCOUNTABLE for students’ consistent and measured success.
  • Offer COMMON-SENSE policies that are compatible with student life.
  • Listen RESPECTFULLY to opinions of students, parents, and teachers.
Jaime Kokaisel

“The task of the modern day educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.”

C.S. Lewis

Vote 4 Common Sense

Jaime is one of 4 Common Sense candidates running for school board. You have four votes to cast. Learn more about these four candidates and the issues.

I believe in the children of South Washington County.

After talking with the community over the last few months, I have been inspired by dedicated parents excited to tell their stories. There are many voices who want to be heard, and I am listening to every word.