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JAiME for SCHOOLS begins and ends with kids.


The residents of South Washington County MN have a tremendous variety of school options available to them. I explore both public and non-public models through surveys, tours, interviews, meetings, policies, stories, examples, books, state statute, elections, and language. I compare and contrast both biblical and secular perspectives.

I take a creative citizen journalist approach to writing.


Maybe you are a public school student. Maybe you are a homeschooling parent. Maybe you are a private school teacher. Maybe you are an elected official. Maybe you are a grandparent. Or maybe your connection to k-12 education is as a taxpayer. This website is for you!

JAiME for SCHOOLS is about listening and learning. Writing for me is the BEGINNING of understanding through exploration and question. Thank you for having an open mind to the process.

What is best for our children?

I keep coming back to the importance of strong families. For the school that places value on the parent/teacher/student relationship, it thrives in a positive light that is good for a child all around.


author and designer of JAiME for SCHOOLS

March Featured Event

Speaking Proudly

An Oratory Competition for High School Girls

Apply in MARCH for June 17th, 2023.

The Topic of 2023 will be

Securing “the Blessings of Liberty” in 21st Century America

Link to the Speaking Proudly website where you will learn how to get started.

Speaking Proudly is a nonprofit project of Metro Republican Women.

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Community SURVEY

Please participate by submitting your comments below.

  • What makes a good teacher, and who has that been for you?
  • What books are being assigned by your school?
  • I am wrapping up my series about Achievement and Integration in SoWashCo public schools. Teachers Parents or Students, Have you benefited from DEI, Story Ark, AVID, CRT or SEL? Is school easier or harder now than before these programs began? Does the curriculum inspire you? Do you feel more SEEN, more HEARD, and more BOLD?
  • Are you able to concentrate in school? What distracts you from getting your work done? What structure helps lessen distractions in class?

Link to more surveys coming soon!


Your stories will be kept anonymous unless you wish otherwise.


All Schools BOOK LIST


Please help fill in the list by emailing Jaime the books you or your kids were assigned to read this school year.

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